Photographing Heritage ...

The website is primarily devoted to two projects, both involving historical buildings in China (the image above is a temporary exception). The first is to photograph the many surviving foreign-inspired buildings in China's former treaty ports and leased territories; the second is to record Hong Kong's 111 Declared Monuments. Both collections continue to grow.

There is also a collection of landscapes and, for the ultimate landscape, one of panorama images. Finally, there is a small collection of people I have met on my travels.

Please contact me should you wish to use any of these images. I am keen to support heritage projects, historical publications and anything involving education.

Most recent updates: Two panorama images are included in the 'Harbour, City, Sky' Exhibition which recently moved to 'Gallery By The Harbour' at 207 Ocean Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui. Details are also in Hong Kong's 'Culture Magazine', issue 131 for November-December 2015.

There is a new Gallery for the Treaty Ports in Guangxi and Yunnan Provinces, and new images following a visit to Yunnan.  The Special Collections for APC, CMCS and HBMC have also been updated.  Finally, four panoramas have been added to the Panorama Gallery.


"Images are to be viewed. The less said the better."

From 'China's Thirty Years', edited by China Photographers' Association, published by Oxford University Press, 2009.