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Shanghai Bund Panorama_2.tiff
The Shanghai Bund, China.  From left: Butterfiled & Swire Building, Messageries Maritimes, Gutzaff Signal Tower, Asiatic Petroleum Building, Shanghai Club, Union Building, NKK Building, Russell & Co Building, Great Northern Telegraph Building, China Merchants Building, HSBC, Custom House, Bank of Communications, (new building), Russo-Chinese Bank (under restoration), Bank of Taiwan, North-China Daily News, Chartered Bank, Palace Hotel, Sassoon House & Cathay Hotel, Bank of China, Yokohama Specie Bank, Yangtze Insurance Building, Ewo Building, Glen Line Building, Banque de L'Indo-Chine, (Peninsula Hotel), HBMC (behind trees), Garden Bridge over the Soochow Creek, Broadway Mansion, Russian Consulate and the Astor House Hotel.  An eleven-image panorama.